Another win for the ever-hilarious patriarchy

So apparently Brookfield thinks that we’re all men who like sports and have annoying girlfriends. High five, bro!


I walk past this every single day and it’s unlikely to make me into a raving fan of the company, which has already annoyed me by making me unnecessarily cross the road on my way to work every day for almost a year. It’s indicative of the fact that there is zero respect for pedestrians in this city (a topic for a different post) and now this shows the company has no respect for, well, anyone. All women are harpies who ruin sport-watching experiences, all men are “bros” who just want to watch a game instead of listening to their girlfriends. I’m sure someone somewhere will say this was just an attempt to be funny, but it’s such an overdone trope that it’s not funny. It wasn’t funny when the first male stand-up comic did this in the 1960s. It wasn’t funny when one Roman guy said to his neighbour how he’d love to go to the Colloseum and watch some Christian vs lion action but his wife always ruins it by nattering on about how she really needed a new stola for Claudia’s next dinner party.

Is their entire team made up of 50+ year old straight men? Whoever came up with this for Brookfield needs a kick in the pants.


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January 10, 2014 · 10:31 pm

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